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JfControls Library Suite

 Version: 24.12.05

The most powerful integrated group of components conceived for Delphi and C++Builder.

Create wonderful applications!

Applications with database support, multilanguage, privileges support, sophisticated grids and much more….

We’ve Got You Covered

Sophisticated designs

Fully control the appearance of you application with skin support

Multilanguage applications

Design of multilanguage applications at design time and run time

Shapes and effects

lButtons with dynamic effects, 40 shapes, transparency, shadows, Labels

Status bar completely customisable

With embedded progres bar and defaulted information: keyboard, date, time, …

Fully customisable menus

MainMenu, PopupMenu, PanelMenu fully customisables

Sophisticated Grids

TJfDbGrid, TjfGrid, TJfTree, TJfDbLookupComboBox, TJfTreePrivileges

70 incredible components

Edits, RichEdit, ListBox, Labels, PageControl, ComboBox, CheckBox, multitimer, ThreadTimer, …

Privileges System

Control user access to your applications easily

New Packages Technology

The packages technology allows the creation of various repositories for an application (images, labels, hists, backgrounds, colors, fonts and variables), all of which can be reused and assist with the management of the operating system resources. Storage of the packages may be done either in the DFM (repositories incorporated in the executable) or in an external FILE.

We make the difficult easy

JfControls includes everything you need to make amazing applications in no time.


Last version

jFControls 24.12.05

  • Packages Technology
  • Multilanguage system
  • Privileges management
  • Sophisticated grids
  • Skins, background gradients, …
  • Graphic Formats
  • Navigation Bars
  • Sophisticated menus
  • Shapes, buttons, effects
  • and much more …


I never believed that somebody could create some components with an administration so innovative of strings, images, backgrounds, colors, fonts and variables.

Robert levine

Enjoy programming …

Oliver Hall

Congratulations, you have made a product with an incredible quality

Adam Walker

It should be forbidden, creates adiction

Harry Taylor

I have reduced my development time about 30% and my applications have an appearance that my competition cannot reach

John White

Your grids are wonderful !!!

Fabiola Morgan

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