Enterprise application development

Written by Jose Antonio

To develop business applications, tools that have the following characteristics are needed:

  • Flexibility, adaptability, ease, expandability.
  • Support multiple device types.
  • Ability to react to the changes that our clients demand.
  • Extended support for managing different data sources, whether local databases, client/server, REST servers, cloud data,…

The decision to choose the best tool for a business is complex, whether developing applications for third parties or developing your own applications.

Embarcadero brings to the world of application development an environment in complete evolution, it is RAD Studio, currently in version 11.2 called Alexandria, which includes all these characteristics.

Inside there are 2 different languages for application development:

  • Delphi (Object Pascal)
  • C++Builder

Many developers think that Delphi, being based on Pascal, is an old and obsolete development environment, but, on the contrary, it is a highly structured language with all the features that can be asked for in a modern language, and that also provides a great ease in programming.

Depending on the type of project to be developed or if the developer has more experience with C++, RAD Studio also gives the possibility of creating applications with this language, which incorporates an improved Clang compiler (C++17).  

If we add to the power of these 2 languages the wonderful frameworks it incorporates, VCL and Firemonkey, which allow us to reach all current operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS), we will obtain the most rapid application development environment. productive of the market.

If you still want to expand the possibilities of these frameworks further, in the market you can find both open source and commercial libraries, which will enhance the ability to make visually very attractive applications with incredible work capacity, such as our JfControls library.

Flexibility, adaptability, ease, expandability

RAD Studio is flexible, adaptable, expandable and very easy to use, it allows you to incorporate new components and even adapt the environment itself to incorporate new functionalities, all while maintaining an intuitive and very easy to use development environment.

RAD Studio is one of the easiest IDEs to use.

Support for multiple device types and operating systems

RAD Studio allows you to create applications for the main operating systems on the market, so you will never need to use other development environments to make your applications expandable everywhere. In addition, Firemonkey will allow you to make applications based on a single code and be compiled for different operating systems with hardly any modifications.

RAD Studio allows you to generate native executables for each operating system that are very easy to handle and transport.

Ability to react to the changes that our clients demand.

A fellow developer told me how complicated it was to do certain things in other development environments, C#. Visual Basic, Swift, … and all the time it took to develop the applications compared to developing applications with Delphi or C++Builder.

Customers want a great capacity to react to any incident or problem and with RAD Studio they can be given what they need in record time.

Extended support for managing different data sources, whether local databases, client/server, REST servers, cloud data,…

Within RAD Studio, the FIREDAC component library allows the use of all types of databases very easily, and can be used both for simple applications against an SQLite database and for very sophisticated applications based on Interbase, Firebird, SQL Server , Oracle, …

With RAD Studio there are no limits or insurmountable obstacles to being able to use data regardless of where it may be found.

Nowadays, the application development market is very complex and tools are required that can address any challenge involved in carrying out our clients’ projects, and RAD Studio 11.2, without a doubt, is a very technologically advanced tool that will allow these projects to be tackled with the guarantee of unbeatable quality development.

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