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Software License Agreement

On this page you can read our document about our software license agreement.

Software License Agreement

If you want using our software product, you agree the terms and conditions of this license agreements.
The software product is protected by laws and international treaties as regard royalties, as well as for other laws and treaties about intellectual property.
The software product is licensed and it’s not sold.

This contract grants you the following rights:

Installation and use

· You have permission to use the development version of this software under Delphi or C++Builder, only in a computer at the same time and with respect to a specific user.
· If you have also acquired the use license of the source code, you will only be able to use it under Delphi or C++Builder in an only computer at the same time and with respect to a specific user.
· You can use and/or modify this product only to generate compiled applications.
· You can distribute and sell any product made by using our product, except a product that has a similar nature to the characteristics of our product.
· You cannot redistribute any source code that can be included in this product, except the language system string packages, the packages containing the system images of the library and the user’s packages and variables.
· You only can carry out a copy of our product and only with safeguard purposes.
· You won’t be able to use technical of inverse engineering, to uncompile, neither to unassemble the software product in any case, except for the author’s software expressed written permission.
· The license of the software product is granted as an unique and indivisible product, its parts and components cannot separate to use in more than a computer, except the language system string packages, the packages containing the system images of the library and the user’s packages and variables.
· You won’t be able to rent neither lease the software product.
· You may not transfer the software product as part of a sale.
· This product is sold as is, without guarantees, implicit or explicit. Although all our efforts are focused in getting a product and a documentation without defects, the authors of the software don’t become responsible for any type of profit loss or any other commercial damage, including, but not limiting, any type of incidents or other damages occasioned by the use of this product.
· This license has complete validity for the product bought initially and for all the possible later updates provided that they were made within a period of updates in effect through the purchase of that period.
· Without damage to any other right, the authors of the software can finish your rights under this license contract if you don’t complete the terms and conditions of it, in which case you will destroy all the copies of the software product and all its components, and you will lose your rights to distribute the applications produced by means our software product.
· This license contract doesn’t grant you any right in connection with our commercial marks.

Additional restrictions of use for the source code.

· If you buy the source code of our software product you will be able to create new components based upon ours for use of your company or to create executable programs for Windows. This executable program .exe, will only be able to come accompanied, in its case, for the library runtime packages, for the string packages of a language, for the configuration packages of the system images, and of course, for the user’s packages relative to global configuration, user’s strings, user’s images and variables, This executable will be able to be distributed by means of freeware, shareware or any other commercial way of sale or distribution, but you won’t include any other file of our software product, neither partly, neither entirely, except for consent written on the part of its authors.
· You cannot create new components based on our software product for their distribution outside of your company.
· The authors of the software product reserves the right to modify or erase any procedure, function, property or class of our software product.
· You assume any responsibility to support the resulting code of your modifications and of the new components based on our software product that you can make.

Technical support

· The terms for the technical support are centered in our accesory SUPPORT/UPDATES service, of which you will be able to obtain information through our web site and they are welcomed to the same terms expessed previously in this license contract.
· The support and updates of our product will be carried out exclusively for the periods that have been contracted.
· With the initial purchase of our product we offer 3 or 4 months of support and free updates depending on the version purchased.
· At the end of the updates and support period, a new period may be purchased throughout the following year, but its validity will always be from the end date of the previous period.
· Beyond 1 year after the end of the previous period of updates and support, it will not be possible to buy a new period of updates and support, it will be necessary to buy a new license with a discount determined by SendaSoft.
· The months of updates and support are always counted by full months, if the purchase is made before the 15th of a month, said month will be the first month to be counted for the period of free updates and support.
· The technical support will be exclusively through our email account:
· We will only answer those technical support questions for those clients with a valid period of support and updates.

This document cancels any other previous document and may be updated at any time, being the responsibility of our clients to be aware on its content.


Contact us

If you have any inquiries or requests in respect of our product license or our support, you may contact us at:

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