RAD Studio 10.4 is Here

Written by Jose Antonio

RAD Studio 10.4 Radically Improves Native Windows Development

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of RAD Studio 10.4.

Version 10.4 brings significant improvements for Windows 10 VCL (Visual Component Library) desktop development, Delphi multi-device development and C++ Windows development, and developer productivity, optimizing application performance while reducing the time developers spend building and maintaining code.

New in 10.4!

Major Delphi Code Insight improvements

  • Major Delphi Code Insight improvements
  • New Delphi language features
  • Unified Memory Management across all supported platforms for Delphi and C++
  • New VCL Components, Per-Control Styling, High DPI Styles and more
  • Enhanced Delphi multi-device platform support
  • Many database enhancements
  • Unified installer for online & offline installations
  • IDE usability and performance enhancements
  • New debugger for Windows 64-bit for C++
  • C++ toolchain performance and quality improvements
  • Expanded C++ libraries support
  • Enhanced CMake for C++ features and compatibility with other toolchains
  • Over 1000 quality and performance improvements

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